About Me…and That Guy Who Draws Me.

Yes, it’s me–the super famous and New York Times(ish) best selling(ish) author of Miss Nackawic Meets Midlife, a humor book about surviving midlife and dreaming of bigger things. You probably also recognize me as Miss Nackawic 1981. Duh. Obviously, I won because of my awesome feathery bangs and because the other two girls in the pageant were in a coma air guitar routine I performed as my talent totally rocked the place. It was a no- brainer that I was born for beauty pageants and total fame. I’m destined to be Miss World but the timeline is a bit sketchy–any day now. I feel it.

Show of hands: Who doesn’t have their very own cartoonist? What?? Only me?? Wow. Now I’ve made you uncomfortable and jealous. Oh well. Chris Helgason is ‘that guy who draws me’. He designed the book cover for Miss Nackawic Meets Midlife and it’s awesome.  Ta da!!

book cover

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Here’s what my personal cartoonist (contact him at: chelgason01@gmail.com) looks like as he’s toiling away trying to make me look stunning–how hard can it be?? I’m not sure why he looks so exhausted…


Chris has spent a lifetime doodling and he eventually started his own comic strip! Once he drew me though, it was game over. He didn’t say this but I think he’s always wanted to draw royalty sooo…

After the book launch, we decided to join forces and create The World According to Miss Nackawic. We hope to post weekly and share insights into the life and delusional mind of a middle-aged woman searching for the big time (Miss World obviously!!).

PS Did I mention I wrote a book?? You can find it on Amazon AND Chapters AND at http://www.chocolateriver.ca  What are you waiting for?? Frig.

PPS I think I look super hot as a cartoon!

picture for blog